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The six local, independent charities that make up Age Connects Wales are thanking all of their amazing volunteers all over Wales this Volunteers Week (1-7 June). Hundreds of volunteers working with the charities support older people living in our communities who are often facing the devastating effects of loneliness and isolation with no family or friends to turn to.


Speaking on behalf of Age Connects Wales, Dean Richards commented, “It so important that we all celebrate the amazing people who volunteer. They make an almighty difference to the local work we do and the older people we support. We simply couldn’t make the difference we do without them. Our research has shown that last year our combined charities totalled an amazing 47,430 hours of volunteer time given and this equates to a huge social value of £687,735! Volunteers truly are amazing.”

Whether you are becoming a befriender to help combat loneliness, a shopping volunteer to help those without the physical ability to shop for themselves, are willing to help drive older people to their doctor appointments, or based within our charity offices or community centres, every role is so important.

One of our volunteers had this to say on her role, “I feel really lucky to be able to spend such quality time with someone I wouldn’t necessarily have met or got to know well without this volunteering opportunity. It’s genuinely one of the best spent hours of my week, and I always come away feeling like I’ve learnt something new and shared something interesting. I feel better connected to my community through my volunteering and would recommend it to everyone.”

The effects of loneliness are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and are more detrimental than obesity (Age UK’s No one should have no one to turn to campaign survey). It’s so simple to become a volunteer whether you have a little or a lot of time to give. Could you offer some time to help us tackle this growing issue and make Wales a better place to grow older?

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering please visit:  and look for your local Age Connects organisation to find out more.