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Little Visitors

By April 3, 2023No Comments

People with dementia spending quality time with babies and toddlers.

An otherwise ordinary afternoon at the Widdershins Centre, Sebastopol has been immediately brightened by a collection of young visitors.

The babies and toddlers attend with their parents for a special sing along session with clients, many of whom have dementia.

It’s all part of an intergenerational project run by Age Connects Torfaen and Singalong with Liz.

‘I’ve always been passionate about helping older people live well,’ says Elizabeth Turner, the founder of Singalong with Liz.

‘We need to reach out to older people with dementia and offer as many things as we can.

The children and clients are soon at ease with each other – playing peekaboo, chatting or simply interacting.

‘We love the babies coming here,’ says Eric, one of the clients. ‘They’re absolutely gorgeous, they really are lovely.

Another client, Sandra, thinks the session is brilliant.

‘We love it as much as they do,’ she says.

‘It’s maybe because it’s a step back in time, it makes us feel a lot younger.

‘We see them come through and we want to play and sing with them – and we do!’

The Singing with Seniors session creates a sense of wellbeing amongst our clients, according to Dementia Services Co-ordinator Laura Rehman.

‘Living with dementia can be very restrictive and people can feel ostracised, so it’s important that a person with dementia gets to see people from the outside world in a happy environment,’ she says.

‘Being around children and other families gives that feeling of community.

‘Some clients won’t respond to us but when the children are here, they want to join in.’

Age Connects Torfaen feels the project is helping to break down the stigma that can surround dementia and is proud of the positive impact we’re having on people living with dementia.

Little Visitors takes place on a fortnightly basis Thursday, 1.30-2.30pm at the Widdershins Centre, Sebastopol. To book a space email