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Could you be owed a refund on your Council Tax payments?

By April 15, 2019December 19th, 2021No Comments

Did you know that Local Councils are sitting on a staggering amount of money?

At least £230 million spread across 1.7 million accounts – which works out at an average of well over £100 sitting in each closed account.

Many people aren’t aware they pay council tax a month (or sometimes a year) ahead. This means it’s common to be in credit when you move home. If so, you are entitled to this money back – but often you need to claim it, and many don’t. 

In basic terms, a council tax account will be in credit if you’ve paid more than you owe at any point. Normally, this isn’t a problem – in fact, as council tax is usually paid in advance you’ll often be in credit. But when an account is closed while in credit, usually because you or another resident has moved out or someone in the property’s died, it can be an issue.

Here’s why closed accounts can end up in credit?

  • You pay for your council tax in advance, and the account’s closed before the point up until which you’ve paid.  
  • You forget to cancel a payment.  
  • You get a retrospective discount, eg, if your property’s rebranded.

Knowing whether or not you fall into the categories above can be difficult, however through research it has been shown that: 

“You’re MOST likely to be able to claim if you’ve moved out of a council or local authority area in the last 26 years and weren’t paying by direct debit.”

If you are someone who has moved home since 1993, especially if you changed council or local authority area and didn’t pay by direct debit, please contact your local authority.  Alternatively, please contact Age Connects Torfaen, Information & Advice Service for assistance, on 01495 769264.