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Age Connects Torfaen is a member of Age Connects Wales, a mutual company that exists to change attitudes to ageing and thereby improve people’s lives.

Age Connects Wales is willing to challenge the cultural and organisational attitudes to older people in Wales and will achieve this by listening to the views of older people and using these to help shift society’s view of age, where old is regarded as a stage in the life course as valuable as any other.

Age Connects Wales will be robust in arguing positively about the place in our society for older people.

Through Age Connects Wales we are maintaining the tradition of our organisations to work together and we now intend to take a progressive step to work collaboratively with other organisations that share our priorities. This will help us to use all of the resources at our disposal to promote the wellbeing of older people in Wales.

Age Connects Wales is an organisation that collaborates with others whilst also supporting volunteering within and outside Age Connects Wales.

We have created Age Connects Wales to maintain our ability to work collaboratively across Wales with those that share our purpose. Our primary objective is campaigning and influencing. Age Connects Wales is about developing a role that goes beyond the issue of health and social care, to one that examines how older people access information, what their experiences of services are, and how their lives are affected by organisations.

We are convinced that working together can significantly enhance our support for older people in the community. It is important to recognise that each of the five organisations maintains its independence and autonomy.  Age Connects Wales members are engaged in local communities, delivering services, with a long history and expertise in working with older people to understand the challenges they face.

For more information about Age Connects Wales’s activities please visit or take a look at our Directory of Services.

Age Connects Torfaen is the operating title of Age Concern Torfaen, an independent charity for older people living in Torfaen and surrounding areas. We have over 30 years experience dedicated to supporting older people, carers and their families.

We are a locally based charity which aims to provide services for Younger and Older People along with their Carers over the age of 50 with Dementia and those experiencing loneliness.

Our mission is to continually strive to improve quality of life of Older People along with encouraging, empowering and promoting wellbeing whilst maintaining their independence.

We are proud to be  helping to make Torfaen a great place to grow Old.

Strong history.
Bright future.

Since 1989, thousands of Older People have been helped and supported, enabling them to maintain their independence

We know we make a difference to Older People, especially when they are going through challenging times.

We also understand how loneliness impacts on people’s health and we are determined to ensure we reach out to those, by ensuring our work transforms people’s later lives

In 2005 Widdershins Centre was opened. For many, it’s the place to be, a buzzing environment of activities and opportunities. Over the years thousands of people have found new confident and support, along with companionship, laughter, new interests and for many a life changing experience.

Age Connects, cares about People, also believing in going that extra mile, to meet challenges people face.

We will continuously strive to improve the standards of our own work and the work of others, so that Older People are treated with dignity and respect.

Age Connects Torfaen has been delivering services for older people in Torfaen since the 1st April 1989.

Our Aim

To enhance the quality of life for older people in our community.

Our Mission

We continually strive to provide quality services and encourage involvement and well-being for older people in Torfaen by adding “Life to Years”.

Our Vision

We will continually strive to provide safe, cost effective, quality and reliable services which are open and transparent. Promoting independent and choice for service users, placing them at the centre of our decision making and involving them in the design of future projects.

Our Values

  • Local
  • Independent
  • Listening
  • Responsive
  • Innovative
  • Accountable
  • Transparent

Our Trustees are people with vision, skills and commitment to lead strategic direction of our charity.

Our Trustees have a legal responsibility to ensure the charity’s resources are properly managed and are used only for the legal purposes of the charity.

  • Rory Stratton, Chair
  • Norma Parish
  • Marian Williams
  • Steve Watkins
  • Keith Wheeler
  • Jane Heard

We changed our name in order to differentiate our Charity from the Age UK and Age Cymru charities.

People need to know that we are the local charity for older people and we must work hard over the coming years to emphasise we are a local charity serving older people, connecting people and communities.

The important message that we need to get across to people is that we are a well established charity with over 28 years experience of providing services for older people and any money raised for Age Connects Torfaen will remain in the local community. We believe we have a strong history and a bright future.

Will a name change affect donations and legacies?

Our donors give because they want to support our local services. Our staff and volunteers will be promoting our new name and our local PR and marketing will help us as we move to using the new name over time.

Legacies are long term and those people who have already thought about us will not be affected as we still hold the constitutional title Age Concern Torfaen.

We want to create mutually beneficial partnerships with business of all sizes that can help put older people on the map, and support your company’s social purpose and business objectives.

Each of our partnerships is unique. Our team works closely with companies to develop ideas that make best use of their time and donations.

We can also help to engage your staff and get them involved in awareness and fundraising activities.

Start a conversation today with us to find out how we could work together.

We currently work the following businesses, third sector organisations and public sector authorities.

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