Age Connects Torfaen a registered charity based in Torfaen has received funding from WCVA to offer a new and exciting respite opportunity for carers to have that all important time to their self!

Research by Carers UK shows 46% of unpaid carers were unable to get a break in the last five years, even though they wanted one. Evidence and current practice indicate that there needs to be a wider choice of respite options available to better suit the varying needs of carers.

Age Connects Torfaen believe that they have a role to play in ensuring that a carers wellbeing is protected and have taken a more innovative approach to develop a wide range of respite options, available at different times to suit carers.

Chief Executive Officer of Age Connects Torfaen Angela Reed said:

“ As a society we can’t value the support carers provide for their loved ones highly enough. But we must not take their kindness for granted, and we must ensure their wellbeing is protected. Regular breaks are so essential and support carers to keep providing care. Our new project is part of our development to improve the lives of carers and provides an innovative model for those who commission and run respite services. This will lead to tangible benefits for families and friends who provide or receive care, and complements our work to support carers throughout Torfaen. “

We understand that caring for a person with dementia or cognitive impairment can be exhausting and leave no quality time for themselves. With as little as a few hours’ notice a carer could be spending their precious time however they like, whenever they like.

From the 1st July 2021 Age Connects will provide a respite service, based on the needs of carers of a person living with dementia to support a break from their caring role.

This project can provide a carer with an hour or two to visit friends, go shopping or just have someone with you to support you whilst you spend quality time with the person you care for.

The project offers a range of support including at home care and support and sessions within our Widdershins Centre. Our sessions

To access the service, referrals can now be made by contacting Deborah Woodrow on 01495 769264 or email